Choir festival



The Savonlinna Choir Festival was held for the first time on May 26-29, 2022. The festival culminates the choirs’ singing year and its purpose is to unite the choirs without competition. The Savonlinna Choir, Nova Records Oy and Savonlinna Summer University are co-organizing a new and influential event in many ways.

The idea for the festival originated with the Saimaa Phenomenon project and it will be made a new tradition on Savonlinna’s year-round event map. In addition to the event itself, the intention is to facilitate year-round choir exchange, especially between choirs from different cities in Eastern Finland
– we are more with cooperation.

We wish you warmly welcome to our Choir Festival!


Piia Karjalainen

Savonlinna Choir

Matti Makkonen

Nova Records Ltd

Hanna-Riikka Karjalainen

Savonlinna Summer University




Embraced by Sound

Kerimäki Church, at 3 p.m.

Hälväntie 1, 58200 Kerimäki

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Chor -kamarikuoro (Berlin, Germany) photo: Nora Kuhn

The Carl von Ossietzky Chor (Carl von Ossietzky Choir) has been a key part of Berlin’s choral scene for over 40 years. Contemporary Scandinavian music has become an important component of the ensemble’s programming for its unique spherical sounds that symbolize a mythical landscape and atmosphere of light and color.

Duration appr. 1 h

Free entrance / Programs sold at the venue

Hopeakuvastin-album Release Concert

Kulttuurikellari, at 7 p.m.

Olavinkatu 34, 57130 Savonlinna

Hopeakuvastin-album release concert by the Savonlinna Choir and TangoMaestro Orchestra conducted by Matti Makkonen. The Hopeakuvastin album containing Toivo Kärki’s unrecorded melodies will be released at Kulttuurikellari on Thursday May 26 2022 at 7 p.m.

Duration appr. 2 h (incl. interval)

Tickets 25 € / students 20 € / children under 16 years 10 €



Choirs’ Get-together

Kulttuurikellari, at 7 p.m.

Olavinkatu 34, 57130 Savonlinna

On Friday night, the choirs will gather for a get-together, on stage e.g. Carl-von-Ossietzky-Chor Chamber Choir (Germany), Savonlinna Choir, Hillside Band & Bunny Asila (Kenya)…

Duration appr. 3 h (incl. 2 intervals)
Ticket 15 € / children under 16 years 10 €



Workshop – Club for Five

Taidelukio’s hall, at noon

Sotilaspojankatu 3, 57100 Savonlinna

Finland’s most popular a cappella band, Club For Five, will hold a workshop before the evening’s concert, where they will talk about the band’s journey and perform various singing exercises together with the participants.

Duration appr. 1,5 h.

Please note! The workshop is for advance ticket buyers only.

Entrance fee 25 €
Entrance fee lower price: Lower price possible when purchasing Club For Five concert ticket (28.5. at 17). Concert ticket must be shown with the workshop ticket at the entrance 20 €

The Power of Song! – A Joyful Spring Concert for The Whole Family

Melartin-sali Hall, at 3 p.m.

Sotilaspojankatu 1, 57100 Savonlinna

photo: Kimmo Makkonen

Iloinen Lapsikuoro, Laululeikkikuoro and Nuorisokuoro Juventus Choirs with soloists
Ilkka Vesioja, piano
Conductors Leena Astikainen and Rafael Maldonado

Duration appr. 1,5 h (incl. interval)

Tickets € 10 adults / € 5 children, schoolchildren
Ticket sales at the venue an hour before the concert

Club for Five – Concert

Kulttuurikellari, at 5 p.m.

Olavinkatu 34, 57130 Savonlinna

Finland’s most popular a cappella band Club For Five will give a concert as the main performer of the Savonlinna Choir Festival on Saturday May 28, at 5 p.m. (second concert possible at 8 p.m.) at Kulttuurikellari.

The Finnish a cappella ensemble, founded in 2000, is finally in Savonlinna!

The program of Saturday May 28 also includes:

  • Club For Five workshop in the ballroom of the Art High School Sat 28.5 from 12-14 and
  • a possible second Club For Five concert at the Kulttuurikellari at 8 p.m.

Duration appr. 75 min

Tickets 40 €



Sunday Service – HILLSIDE BAND Feat. Bunny Asila

Savonlinna Cathedral, at 10 a.m.

Pappilankatu 8, 57100 Savonlinna

Sunday Service – Etelä-Savon kirkkomusiikkipiirin kuoroja

Kerimäki Church, at 10 a.m.

Hälväntie 1, 58200 Kerimäki

Etelä-Savon kirkkomusiikkipiirin kirkkolaulujuhlat

Kerimäki Church, at 1 p.m.

Hälväntie 1, 58200 Kerimäki

A joint gala concert organized by the Etelä-Savo Church Music District and the Savonlinna Parish at 13:00 in the big church in Kerimäki. The concert will be streamed live on the parish’s Youtube channel

Duration appr. 1,5h

African Gospel Concert – HILLSIDE BAND Feat. Bunny Asila

Savonlinna Cathedral, at 5 p.m.

Pappilankatu 8, 57100 Savonlinna

Bunny Asila
My music is basically modern gospel contemporary music fused with African niche and genre. My concerts are mostly African type and involves more dancing and singing along with the audience. It’s therefore a very engaging music anytime while am performing. This is therefore very unique kind of music especially considering the fact that Finnish music is quite different too.

is a Church band located in Nairobi. They are a band of 8 and performs modern Gospel contemporary music but mostly focus on African genres and styles of music. They stage different performances in Churches, schools, concerts, auditoriums, conduct African music workshops, share African music ideas among others. Their aim is to spread the Gospel and participate in fellowships through African Gospel music. They can therefore participate by singing in different Church activities including Church services, fellowships, confirmation camps, old people’s homes among others that you may have. They are very flexible and open to new ideas too. They are also excited to share the African culture, African ways of worship among many other things.

Duration appr. 1 h

Free entrance / Program 20/15 € sold at the venue 30 min before the concert